Our Mission

Unless you have been living under a rock of late, you know there has been a surge in the beverage world, not only a return to the art of the cocktail but a deep desire for craft spirits. We live in an age when you can point and click and an hour later a package arrives at your door. As so many things become easier and faster in our lives we notice a wanting growing inside of us, a void that seems to want to take us over. That void is hungry; it craves to have substance, to have a soul. We all seek some way to fill this void, to find a passion and connect to something meaningful.

My wife makes this connection and fills this void through cooking. She is passionate about finding new recipes that blend flavors together to create something that not only nourishes the body but brings happiness to the soul. In the kitchen she is an artist and each meal is her masterpiece. I continue to marvel at how she bends the ingredients to her will.

When it comes to distilled spirits and cocktails the void seems all encompassing. We are tired of the usual beer or spirit, that thing that is mass-produced and soulless. This desire is the exact reason that we now have a craft revolution and artisan spirits and cocktails have found a foothold in every bar and liquor store across the nation.

Mixologists are the artists of this revolution, the bars their canvas and craft spirits the paints they will mix together to create new works of art. This is a great time to enjoy such spirits and cocktails and it is my mission to help you along this journey by exploring the countries and regions, the recipes and traditions that go into each bottle that you are sure to find on your way to filling your void.

Taste is distilled here.