Beer Infographic: A History Lesson On Tap

The story of BEER.

A beer infographic that’s fun and an easy way to see how beer came to be.

Alcohol – like many great advances in human civilization…

I seem to recall, and correct me if I’m wrong, that the production of alcohol – like many great advances in human civilization – was an accident. Some bread or grains were left outside and natural yeast came in contact with it then it began to rain. The bread or yeast became wet and so it was brought inside. By the time it was brought inside it had the right combination of grain, sugar, water and yeast to start the fermentation process.

My guess is they tried this bubbling brew and sort of liked it along with the loss of inhibition and so they starting refining their ways. All I can say is nature is a wonderful thing.

As I was reading through this beer infographic

I noticed a wonderful reference to the epic of Gilgamesh, which is one of the oldest written stories on Earth.

This Sumerian poem illustrates very well some of our ancestors vices and how things haven’t changed very much. A prostitute named Shanhat, educates a wild man named Enkidu in the ways of men:

Enkidu knew nothing about eating bread for food,

And of drinking beer he had not been taught.

The harlot spoke to Enkidu, saying:

“Eat the food, Enkidu, it is the way one lives.

Drink the beer, as is the custom of the land.”

Enkidu ates the food until he was sated,

He drank the beer-seven jugs! and became expansive and sang with joy!

Beer, food and prostitutes! I never knew poetry could be so much fun. I guess  Shanhat was sort of the Sumerian Kim K. of the day and maybe Homer is Enkidu.

Any way you slice it, eating, drinking and singing is part of our ancestry and whether its beer, bourbon or rum, we all love a good time.


History Lesson: The Story of Beer


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