Lady Gaga’s Irish Boyfriend – Jameson

Lady Gaga Rihanna Whiskey

Lady Gaga is having a love affair with Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Lady Gaga and Jameson Irish Whiskey is a match made in? I’m not really sure but it works just like her duets with Tony Bennett.

There are many words one could use to describe Lady Gaga: flamboyant, creative, weird…whatever word fits her best she may be the woman at the forefront of a whiskey renaissance that has more women ordering up what used to be just a man’s drink.

WHISKEY the distilled elixir that our founding fathers threw back when they forged this great nation.

Lady Gaga, according to the Irish Mirror, has described Jameson Irish Whiskey as a love interest. This whiskey is her go to boyfriend and according to past interviews she drinks a lot of it when she writes her music.

But Lady Gaga isn’t the only notable woman who has ditched the appletinis and cosmos for whiskey the distilled elixir that our founding fathers threw back when they forged this great nation.

Rihanna sings about whiskey while Actress Christina Hendricks is featured in an ad for Johnnie Walker Black Label. And check out the bravado of the gun-toting, whiskey-drinking female bot in the posters for Samuel L. Jackson’s forthcoming spy thriller Kingsman: The Secret Service.

The other interesting thing about all this is the mind change. There’s a generation out there that would never imagine seeing a women or lady ordering a whiskey. That generation of barfly’s has Don Draper as their role model and still believe that smoking is okay in the delivery room. But nowadays men are not taken aback when they see women ordering a whiskey, quite the opposite, its intriguing and an instant ice breaker.

Check out the article below to see more about this whiskey and women renaissance.

via Not Just A Man’s Drink: Ladies Lead The Whiskey Renaissance : The Salt : NPR.


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